Bioscience Medical

We went to the Old Continent to seek the best technology for our products.

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Swiss technology and precision.

Complete solution in titanium intramedullary nails. Carbon fiber guides and unique design.

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Innovation and practicality.

Portable, sterilizable equipment for reduction and alignment of fractures and lower limb procedures in general.

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Atria SP

Special and straight titanium alloy plates. Swiss precision and technology. Exclusive guides and instruments.

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Fênix: Proximal Femoral Stem

Option of cement injection by the proximal screw

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Innovation, Quality and Research

Since 1988, when we started our activities, we focused on the doctor's trust, commitment to the patient and especially on the relationship with the distributor, and with that we structured ourselves through three strategic pillars: innovation, quality and research. We are committed to health and for this we provide the best implants, instruments and services. We value our employees and our actions are well focused on today's core values, such as ethics, respect and responsibility. We are deeply passionate about biomechanics. We are Biomecanica!

It is Biomecanica’s office established in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It serves as a representation of the brand throughout the world and through its strategic location seeks to achieve the highest degree of technology and science.

More than an industry

More than square meters in a factory with machines and equipment, we are people committed to health, this is our mission.

Our online products go beyond physical rehabilitation because they carry within them the essence of life. We are recognized because we believe in the orthopedic market and we design our products with the always thinking in the end user.



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This is our after-sales service, which is based on solving and making our partners' lives easier. Bioline receives, evaluates and responds to requests, be it for product occurrences, suggestions for improvements, invoice doubts, technical issues, among others.

Phone: +55 (14) 2104-7900